Bulkheads on Dual Overflow Leaking. HELP!?!?


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Overflow Leak at Bulkhead. HELP!?!?
I decided to finish the plumbing and fill the 225 gallon today. Finished the plumbing. Sealed all PVC connections, so I decided to fill er up (after adequate PVC glue dry time). Everything went fine however as the bulkheads started filling up I was getting leakage from both sides. I had to drain then totally from beneath, dry everything else inside, lower slightly the tank water level, and try to think of was to fix this. GOOD thing is the tank is filled, the BAD thing is I have this leak problem to the filter underneath. The 1 tank occupant will be fine in the amount more water that is in the tank so no worries there (had the tank filled 1/3 and bought a gold fish).

The rubber gasket (that was supplied with it) are installed on the bulkhead/inside side of each bulkhead. I felt I sufficiently, using as much hand strenth as reasonable, however there was still leakage. Leakage seemed to come from around the bulkhead as if the seal were not enough. Piping was OK.

Should I use silicone around the bulkhead? Should I buy an aftermarket gasket? Do I really need a wrench to tighten the connection bette

Please Help!?!?!?

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If properly installed, no silicone should be needed. The gasket should be on the flange side of the bulkhead, not the side with the nut. If that is how you installed them, then check for any residue of any sort (old silicone, a single grain of sand, etc) If you must use something on the gasket, a very small amount of plumbers silicone grease (just enough to make it shiny - no globs) will work. If it is already leaking, putting silicone around it is just a bandaid that will eventually fail. You will be much farther ahead to install them properly now. Hand tight plus 1/4 to 1/2 turn should do you well.


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I had same issue......get aquarium silicone and seal it up.......It will work .....Also check the tension and try to relieve what ever pressure you may have exerted by your plumbing needs underneath.... This should Help your problem .....instead of Criticizing it.



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I am still wondering if the silicon will be sufficient. No thinks that going with a higher grade gasket?

I think silicon will help and I will try that, but I rather fix it up as best I can, then run it instead having to repeat MIS-FIXING