Butterfly with clams


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I have a falcula butterfly in my tank. She's fat and healthy, and is behaving very well with my corals.

It has wiped out the aiptasia I had, and eaten an LPS I put in there, but only because it had long tentacles waving in the water, a candy cane I have in there is being completely ignored.

All of my SPS are being ignored and the few polyps that hitched a ride on the rocks are occasionally nipped, but obviously found disgusting.

I have a maxima clam and a derasa clam in another tank which is sharing a sump with the main system, but I have been reading here on RC of people with falcula butterflies and clams in the same tank.

So, here is the question: do you think my falcula butterfly will ignore the clams or will they be on the menu?

I was considering adding some flame angels, but if I can keep the clams in the main tank I'll get something else.