buying new heater, any suggestions??


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I'm in the market for a new heater to go in my sump, I've looked at some at the online stores but cannot determine which one to get, any suggestions?

Peter Eichler

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Don't you need a Rena filter to go along with that heater?

I second the Ebo Jager if you're not going to use a controller. A Ranco controller with one of the quality titanium heaters on the marker or the Ebo is even a better idea.


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i like my jager, super durable and its built like a tank..i think. the glass is pretty damn thick so yeah.


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+1 for jager but i recommend two small heaters instead of one large because even though it is very good and durable anything can happen so be careful.


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The Smart heater from Rena isnt even made of glass, its unbreakable and has warning lights if anything goes wrong. The jager will get more votes as it has been around for ages and I agree very reliable. The Rena is new and not many people have them. If you have a cannister filter they can also be used as a inline filter and attach to your inlet tube .


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I've used both Ebo Jager and Visitherm Stealth heaters and have been very pleased with both.