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Another hobbyist in my area is selling his tank and its livestock. His LPS looks great but his acropora/montipora frags lack color and look pale. The acroporas have good PE. He atributes this to him moving the tank in January and power failure that shocked them. The question i have is if i buy these frags will they regain their original color with ideal conditions. It has been five months since the event and i would have hoped that they would have colored up by now but he claims that the constant fluctuation in his alkalinity is causing the problems. i would like your opinions whether there is a good chance of these acros coming back with good conditions as they exist in my tank
They may come back, but they may also be diseased. Having pests would be my number 1 concern in buying out someone's livestock. If you have any way of quarantining the sps, then I would do it (assuming the price was right). If you can't quarantine then you are taking a greater than average risk by introducing unhealthy corals to your system.

I usually look to see if there are bugs, then if there is any RTN'ing and if overall they look healthy just colorless I am confident enough that I could attempt to recolor them.

Price is always a factor too!
Well stability is your friend with SPS, so if his tank has been bouncing all over the places on parameters, you will notice it first in the SPS.

Take a magnifying glass and look for red bugs ( they are yellow looking with a red dot ) on any smooth skinned acros.

If you dont see them and there are no spots that look like little rectangles ( Flat worms ), then I would see if I could not make his collection happier in my tank.
As far as i can tell they otherwise look healthy. His is a frag tank only and everything is kept on crates with nothing but corals. i will check for worms and bugs.

i was just worried that they would never color up again. If the price is right then i will see if my tank will make them better.

Thanx for the input