C. Joculator-any experiences?


My LFS can order these fish, but they cost a fortune. They're absolutely beautiful and a contender for the Flame Angel when it comes to looks, and they're not collected in areas where cyanide is used (though still far from China). I made a post on dwarf angels previously, but I came across this one today and I've got to say I am tempted. If there's anyone who has experience with them, please let me know how well they do. Are they hardier than the Flame and Coral Beauty, Pygmies and Half Black Angels?

If I get one of these, I'll have to think hard about it. A dwarf angel will surely be my last fish added, I want to give my aquarium at least 5 months before I add one. I love C. joculator, but if it dies then I'll be taking a significant financial loss. Therefore, it needs to be a hardy species.

My tank's 48"x24"x22" (105 gallons) and here's my stocking plan so far:

x2 Ocellaris or Black and White Ocellaris (captive bred)

x1 Comet (Indonesia)

x1 Royal Gramma (Caribbean)

x1 Flame (Indonesia / PH most likely) / Coral (from wholesaler in SEA) / Falco (Indonesia / PH most likely)

Is Joculator a good choice for a first angel?

In terms of their behavior, biology and temperament are they more closely related to the pygmy angels or the mid-sized Centropyge?

Any Centropyge I buy will by far be the most cautious and nervous purchase for my tank. I'm especially concerned about their sensitivity and fragility compared to the other species I've listed.


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I have a Joculator Angel. I will say it does pick near and sometimes at coral. Not sure if it's just because there is algae on it or not. But be prepared for some nipping.

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I've quarantined a few - but limited experience with them in a DT environment. They seem fairly benevolent, and if anything were usually the victims of QT bullying. That being said, I would just buy a Bicolor (much cheaper) if you like that color pattern.