C-Sea Forum is OPEN!


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Hey all,

I got the forum up tonight..still, of course, under construction. But, you can register, and I think it is still set for me to verify registrations, there are a LOT of embedded registration tools that I'm working out still.

-Forum categories still to be built
-User permissions and user groups being built
-bells and whistles (chat, other things) being built
-gallery where you all can upload in an easy way being built

But, much like RC, you can manage your own user settings, do searches, PM's, etc..

So, go to c-sea.org and click on FORUMS, and you'll be there. It is late, so if I don't get your registration approved right away, it will be in the morning.

Thanks, and hope you all will enjoy, still fiddling so don't be too hard on me! ;)


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Just wanted to bump this up for C-Sea folks...the forum board is up, working, categories probably 90% built out. We're in business!

So, if you haven't registered yet, go ahead and give it a try!!! We have maybe 15 so far, I KNOW we can do better. :)