c_man7 40g breeder upgrade build thread


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I picked up a used 40g breeder eurotop a couple days ago and have started my new build. I will be upgrading from a 20 long and hope to have it set up and ready by April.

Display Tank: 40G Breeder.
Lighting: Mars Aqua 300w led
Sump: 20L
Stand: 1x4 frame
Overflow: 1" intake x2 - 3/4" return x2
Wavemaker: Jebao wp-10 x2
Return Pump: Mag Drive 5
Skimmer: SA Aquariums SCA-301
Auto Top Off: Tunze Nano Osmolator
Chemical Support: Purigen and Chemipure

This will be my first tank with a sump and plumbing so any suggestions would be awesome.

Original tank that I picked up, minus some of the plumbing.

First time plumbing. After searching multiple sites and video I set up as follows. 90 out of the 1" intakes down to another 90 straight then another 90 going down. The primary has ball valve and emergency will be a straight pipe. The return is two 3/4 bulk heads that go to 5/8 braided hose which is tee'd off to a 3/4 pipe with valve and will be connected to the return pump with a 1"id braided line.

My problem with the overflow is with the euro top I wont be able to do an over flow box since the brace won't allow me to get inside of it in case of any emergency. So I have the higher pipe with a 90 pointed down. The lower will have a 90 pointed up with a straight pipe as and emergency drain. I'm worried that because the 90 is a few inches below the surface I will be losing alot of water into the sump if the power is out. What if I turned the 90 side ways?
The Returns on the inside will be 3/4 loc line with spray nozzles.

I started to set up the framing for the new stand and fitted the pipe in the sump. (still need to add baffles.

I plan to add strips of glass on the sides of the top to reinforce the eurobracing.

Stocking will be as follows
(Pair of Ocellaris Clownfish
Watchman Goby
Tailspot Blenny
Royal Gramma) These are in my 20 gallon and are all under 2" and have been fine waiting for the upgrade.
McCosker Flasher Wrasse-Need to get after the upgrade
Peppermint Shrimp-Have one may get another
Pistol Shrimp- Have already
CUC-may have to add too. Originally 10 nacirus, 10 cerith, and 8 blue leg hermit crab, not sure of the exact amount as of now.

Asst Zoas, mushrooms, leather, toadstool, green star polyp, yellow polyp, button, xenia, kenya tree, frogspawn, hammer, monti, flowerpots all out of the 20 may add a few more just to add a bit.