CAD 34 mini-II Build


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Starting this thread to chronicle my new tank build. I currently have a 125g semi-aggressive tank with fish and softies. Decided I wanted some SPS and smaller fish so going with a CAD 34 mini-II. (Thanks to a thread by Tron!)

Courtesy of the lovely New England weather my tank delivery has been delayed several time. Today's delivery has been rescheduled for tomorrow and hopefully I will finally have something to work with! (pictures to come!)

I will be running
-CAD Elite protein skimmer
-200W Cobalt neo-therm heater
-27w LED fixture
-Vortech mp10

As always, the most exciting part for me is planning out what fish and corals will go in the tank. Of course, I haven't quite worked out a stocking list yet. The fish I am considering (not a stocking list - waaaay too many fish, just some I'm interested in) are:

-a single or pair of snowflake clowns
-fire shrimp
-sexy anemone shrimp?
-single banggai cardinal?
-goby (clown?)
-mandarin (once tank is established or I can find a proven eater)
-emerald crab(s)
-linkia, fromia or tamaria star? (once tank is established)


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Tank has just arrived! Crossing my fingers for no major blemishes when I unbox it tonight and build the stand! At 205lbs for the tank, equipment and stand, it better be pretty solid!


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Well, everything seems to be in good shape. No obvious chips or anything in the tank. But let me tell you, assembling the stand was a god-forsaken nightmare. First, they are about a thousand pieces of hardware and absolutely NO directions. (The no directions thing applies to everything - the skimmer, the pump, the lights etc...)

After calling CAD they were able to immediately email me a copy of the directions for the stand. However, the directions did not match the stand I was assembling and had limited words, they were actually a folder with 19 jpeg files. Although I am no novice at building furniture, this one had me frustrated and ended up taking about 2.5 hours (about 45 minutes of that was spent trying to figure out what parts are what). I'm still positive everything is not *perfect* but the stability portion is good and solid. Here are some pictures, with more to come of the actual tank and set-up.

(Sorry for the sideways pictures)


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Digging the tank. I have a couple snowflakes. They are awesome.


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more purchases

more purchases

So I am waiting to rehome my cichlids in my 75g before I start setting this tank up (it will be taking the 75's place). Hopefully cichlids are being picked up this weekend and then I can really get started on the tank.

Today I took advantage of the sale on Drs Foster and Smith ($10 in credit for every $50 you spend) and bought some more goodies. I ordered:

-Vortech MP10
-20lbs of live Fiji sand
-Python siphon
-AutoAqua Smart ATO

This should give me about $80 in gift certificates. Planning on using these to buy:

-another 20lbs of Fiji live sand
-10lbs base rock (I have live rock from my 125g that I will use as well)
-Algae scraper
-squeeze attachment for python

This should still leave me with about $20 in gift certificates to use by Feb 26th. Any thoughts on something I might have overlooked or you find helpful to have?

Gift certificates are valid on Live Aquaria too, but I have a few great LFS, so I try to avoid ordering online (plus I doubt the tank will be ready by Feb 26th for new fish).


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Got back from Puerto Rico this Sunday so I finally had some time to work on the tank (and wanted to stay in the Caribbean spirit).

Moved the tank/stand to its final position and started adding the base rock, fiji pink live sand and as much RODI as I had (the rest will be made/added tonight). I'm also planning on moving over my live rock tonight from my existing tank since my heaters just arrived.

Neotherm 250w heater ended up being endlessly back-ordered so I switched to two 100w heaters. Also got my vortech mp10es in but immediately sent it back as I got the announcement the day after ordering about the new models. Now waiting on the mp10qd (I can use an old koralia in the meantime, if needed).

More pictures will come tomorrow of rock/sand additions. Right now I think I am happy with the 20lbs of live sand, although I have another 20lb bag already bought....


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Finished up adding the RODI and mixed in some salt. Have added 3 small pieces of live rock from my existing tank. (Not shown in pictures, obviously) Not at all happy with the aquascape, but I will probably leave it until I buy some corals in a month or so and then I can add more rock to best suit the coral.


Found this little bugger in one of my chunks of live rock, don't think he made it through the freshwater dip he took between tanks though...


Testing results from day 1. Color chart looks like:

pH: 8.2
Ammonia: .25-.5ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 0ppm


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I was concerned with the Cobalt 200 watt heater there have been issues with that model probably explains the back order, so good you got another watt cobalt heater I have one in my sons nano tank and I love that heater.

Cads makes a nice tank.