CAD Lights Versa 42 New to Hobby


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I've been a long time looker, first time poster. With all the negatives surrounding cad lights I have to say my order went smooth. I ordered on a Saturday received a tracking # on Wednesday and it was delivered the following Thursday by R&L. and I'm on the east coast. Nothing was broken, nothing was missing or the wrong parts! The stand did take a little time the directions aren't the greatest but if you lay all the pieces out and see how they fit together it's not too difficult to put together. The stand looks great and seems to be good quality. I have not plumbed the tank yet.

This will start out as a FOWLR(with cleanup crew) but I can see it easily turning into a tank with soft and LPS coral once I get into it. This will be my first saltwater tank.

Need some help with lighting. Since I know I will eventually want to have softies and LPS, I don't want to have to buy one cheap FOWLR light, just to buy a better light down the road. The tank is 30x18x18 and I was thinking of getting an AI Prime HD, I'm assuming one Prime would be fine for an FOWLR tank of that size correct? would this work on this tank for Softies and LPS? Or would I have to add a second down the road? Would it be better to get an AI Hydra 26 HD to begin with?

Second question can I use the Reef salt (pro) for an FOWLR in anticipation of adding corals with out any ill affects to fish? or will the added "elements" in reef salt affect the fish without the corals absorbing those "elements"?


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Get the Hydra, I don't believe one Prime will give you enough coverage over the length of the tank.

No issues at all using reef salt from the start at all, just costs a bit more.