Cadlight Bio Reacto


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Has anyone set one of these up in the tank yet?


Any issues with them? Can it end horribly like so many users of GFO in an SPS tank. I am running a predominately SPS tank and am leery of adding anything new, however I could use some assistance in destroying phosphates since I have a small amount of hair algae.

Any thoughts?



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I'd personally just go with GFO. That's what has been working for me. You just have to add it slowly and try to shock the system by leeching too much of the phosphate at the same time. I've heard people who run bio pellets run into the same problem so keep that in mind.


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I see. I've seen more horror stories about biopellets than I have GFO. It seems as if GFO is more widely used as a phosphate locker. I haven't seen too many long term success stories with biopellets, although I am sure there are a lot out there.


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I have the cadlights bio-pellet reactor. I havent used it yet. If I have an issue with no3 then I will use it. Pellets don't consume po4 like no3. Your better off with gfo or use liquid po4 remover.
I love the cadlight reactor due to the control (ball valve)of water being filtered.


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I'm a bio-pellet user for more than 2 years now. My PO4 is anywhere from 0.00 - 0.01 and I don't use GFO. I do have a fuge though which houses chaeto. I don't have the cadlights reactor but i do have the JNS reactor which I really like.


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I have the Cone Bio-reactor from CADLights running in my 100G Artisan tank, it came with my tank package and i have been running it since right after the cycle. i dont have any major traces of Nitrates or Phosphates and they recommend me to use the Eco-bak pellets. the 3 way recirculating valve comes in really handy. i can freely control the outtake for faster or slower without any effect of the tumbling inside the reactor. definitely beats having to remove or add pellets.