Calcium and Alk question


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Salinity is 1.023, temp (dig. 81, glass in tank says 77)

4 days ago, the readings on my 38G (1 month old) tank were:

pH 7.8
Amm 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 5
Calcium 300
Alk 9 dkh
Phos .25

Each day, I have added 1 tsp of Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium. (I don't have a Mag test yet, but will very soon.)

It bumped from 300 to 320-340-340-360 over 4 days.

I also dosed once with Reef buffer to raise my pH from 7.8 to 8.0.

My Alk bumped also from 9 to 10-10-10-11 over 4 days.

Innovative Marine just released a new skimmer for the Nuvo tanks, and I am waiting for them to get into stores.

I also have done a 5G water change twice in the 4 days.

I'm planning to top off with SW until I read a salinity of 1.026.

I'd like to continue bumping my calcium to the 380-450 range.

Why is my Alk continuing to go up? Because I dosed for my pH 4 days ago? It's not related to my calcium supplement, correct?


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The Reef Buffer did it. The Seachem Calcium does raise Mag some, so make sure you get the test. High mag isn't a big concern though.


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what salt mix are you using? a PH buffer raises alk.
Another thing is what are you using to measure your salinity, cal and alk?


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I agree that the pH buffers all are alkalinity supplements, despite any advertising to the contrary. I would dose the buffer based on the alkalinity level. :) It might be easier over the long term to dose a 2-part, either a commercial product or the DIY version. It's easier to keep the calcium and alkalinity in line with less testing, which is convenient.