Calcium Reactor Issues


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Since ph is exponential, you'll be surprised how huge of a difference you'll see by going just a bit lower. 6.5 to 6.4 is a big difference. The lowest we ever ran was about 6.25, and that burned up about 40 lbs of media every 4 months.


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Also, don't use a CaRx to raise Alk or CA. A CaRx is meant to keep those parameters stable.

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I've lowered the flow rate to 50 mls/min which resulted in an effluent dKH of 11.5. I'm going to see if display alk starts rising. I've already got the ph set to 6.5 -- I'm wondering how much lower I'm able to go? I mean, do people have their reactors set to 6.2, 6.3? That seems too low?

BTW the corals I got from you a while back are all doing great!

Oh awesome!! Forgot I sold to ya, glad to hear it :)

Well you've seen how stocked my tank is then for reference - it hovers around 6.6 pH in CaRX to keep balanced, but I also have a kalkwasser reactor through the auto top off so that gives alk and calcium too. Otherwise if not for that then yeah I'm sure I'd be in that lower range.

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