Calcium Reactor VS Dosing two part....need experienced opinions


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Ok, another question induced by an impulse buy! Calcium Reactor VS Dosers and two-part

I have been dosing two part on my 92 corner tank for quite a while and it has worked fine. I have several BRS dosers (spares too) that run off of my Reefkeeper Elite. I recently bought another complete system with a bunch of nice components, which included a calcium reactor. The new tank is a 144 half circle, and I am trying to decide if I should go with the reactor or stick with dosers. Also trying to decide on which controller to use in my other thread.

So let me here it. Love reactors, hate them?

Thanks for the feedback.



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Ca Rx works just fine. I use 2 knop s iv's piggy backed together in a 700+ system. I find it easier to run a ca rx if they have dual stages because it helps with the co2 and low ph.



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I've used both and like both. A very good dosing setup will be far cheaper than a high end ( less prone to trouble) calcium reactor setup. I have had zero problems with dosers and 2 part but have had multiple problems like clogs or incositent effluent rates on calcium reactors. I just re did my tank for an SPS setup and will be using a reactor. I am feeding it with a continuos peristaltic pump and an aquarium plants regulator... Both which are almost necessities IMO for the most consistent performance.


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I agree with Jim, and have also used both.
In the long-run it will probably depend on how heavily you are stocked with SPS. Dosing can get expensive if your demands are high.
IME dosing pumps are much easier to setup, and require much less maintenance. I do have to periodically check the tubing for the Alkalinity because it is prone to getting clogged, even when submerged.
Then again, calcium reactors do that too, so it really becomes a personal choice.
I prefer not having to deal with pH controllers and CO2, so I ultimately pulled the CaRx off my system and went 100% dosing pumps.

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I agree with both Jim and trameaa. I'm in the process of switching tanks and I just sold my Ca Rx and purchased a couple of dosing pumps. I got tired of constant issues with my reactor.


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Well, I have both right now...dosing pumps which I am familiar with and a very nice reactor setup with ph controller, tank, and all required stuff. I guess I'm having a hard time seeing the benefit of a reactor. I've always wanted one, but dosing was easy and pretty cheap. Now that I have the option to try out the reactor I hate to pass on it and sell it, then regret it later. Dammit, still don't know what to do. What is the advantage to the reactor? Is it less tinkering or more tinkering. How the hell does the ph controller control ph? Does it alter the flow of effluent or circulation? I guess I need to read more to understand the workings of a reactor..