Calcium Reactor


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Hello All,

I have a 200 gallon system that is full of SPS frags and colonies.

I have been using ESV two-part system for a while now, at maximum dosage, and still cant get my calcium above 380 and alkalinity above 8. I am about to add even more corals and my demand will go even higher.

All top off water is kalk water. My PH is always between 8.35-8.55, depending on the addition of the two-part additives.

It is time to put a Calcium Reactor on it. I will be upgrading the system to a 1000 gallon system soon, so have to think about the future.

What do you guys think would the best design for a 1000 gallon reactor?

I heard that people have problems with the Koralin design. Most companies push the water down through the reactor. GEO actually pushes the water up.

How big of a tube would you get? How large of a reactor? Any recommended models?
It looks like its time if you upgrade even more so. For a large high calcium system you might consider a DIY reactor. I have been considering makeing one from a water softner pressure vessel. Its like anything in this hobby, make it simple or make it complex. If it works it doesnt matter how its made.
I am thinking about either:

1. 36" tall, 8" diameter reverse flow GEO style reactor

2. 24" tall, 8" diameter first chamber and 24" tall 6" second chamber

I calculated the material list and this is what I have:

Tubes $150
Pan World 30 or 40 pump I already have
Flange kit $35
Misc acrylic and PVC $30 max

I can't believe people are charging $800 or so for a piece like that.
Tapeworm in your calculations you say you can get the tubes for $150.00. Is that price for acrilic tubes? If so your a very lucky person!Let me know where you get these prices!