calcium spike? stn? recession?


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quick question. I recently had things get a bit out of wack and my calcium shot up over 500. I did a water change and slowed down the calcium Additions (bionic and calcium reactor). What is the range when the calcium level could get to high for corals sps mostly? I plan to just let it work its way down now that the additions are slowed. I did notice the base of one colonie recede a little bit (like if the Alk was off) can the calcium have cause that as well? The alk seemed fine although it may have spiked at one point and I never noticed?All in all everything looks good and growth is good,


Randy Holmes-Farley

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IMO, calcium in the 500's is not a big problem. Some salt mixes, like Oceanic, are normally that high as made. I'd just let it drift down by adding just alkalinity as necessary.