California reefers - need red planaria for research


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Hi guys,

A researcher needs some red planaria, and emailed me. Since I have none, I figured you guys might. I've asked her for a specific area of California, so she could get them locally.

If you suffer from these pests, please reply in this thread, and I'll get you in contact with her.
I am totally new to this hobby. I started my tank with contents from a friend that moved out of state. I found these worms falling off the rocks. They are yellow to brown in color.

I am in the San Jose area, if that works from your friend.

I have a ton of them. I am desparately seeking a predator for them. I live in the BayArea Peninsula. You can have them.
dochou, I just dosed my tank with Flatworm eXit and nuked ALMOST all of them. Try it out! (But send some to Marc's conact first!)

(btw I still have chaeto if you still need it!)

Vince, that's okay. The request was back in March. By now, it is no longer necessary.