Calling all acrylic gurus/masters - advice needed ASAP


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I've been researching the correct thickness of acrylic required for a new tank.

Ideally I'm after a 24x24x16 rimless setup.

My current 24x24x14 is rimless with a false wall however the sides and front panel have a fair amount of bowing - plus stress marks can be seen on the joints etc. Thickness is 3/8" (10mm).

Would 1/2" (12mm) be thick enough for the 24x24x16 without bracing the tank? If the tank had to be braced, can I get away with a fairly narrow euro brace allowing for the greatest open top space possible?

Would 24x24x15 be a better option?

Any input advice etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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I thought you wanted a bow front? I reckon 1/2" with a small brace would be sweet.


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12mm should be ok but 3/4 would be much better on rimless is not to easy to do out of acrylic heat will always be a little problem for u on it
i would go 3/4 on it to make sher that is not a problem over time i know it sounds over kill and it might be but better to be safe than in trouble 4 month down the line


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Thanks for the feedback guys.

1" as much as I would like to go this route, I highly doubt my tank builder will have this thickness in stock. He is redoing my tank due to the issues my current tank has.

3/4" is a possibilty, but going 1/2" with a brace might just work out better and slightly more affordable. I just don't want to think how the overflow will work with the brace, grrrr.

Perhaps 3/4" at my current dimesions is the best option...

@photobret... I've got a 3 sided bow front tank right now, and enough stress marks to make a granny envious, ha ha


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Hey Curv,

I had a 36x24x18, 67gal done in 1/2" and it was sick. It was eurobraced though and I put an external overflow on it. Cannot remember if you saw it at mine or not.


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Don't recall seeing an acrylic tank when I was over...

Going to settle on 1/2" eurobraced at 24x24x16. Just trying to decide the overflow situation. I don't want a black back or anything - I'm after the complete open style.

External is a good idea - but will look like crap from the inside. Argh... suggestions?


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on this tank, might actually be cheaper to go 3/4" (18mm) rimless :)
Your builder won't have the expense of the material for the top, nor the labor in making it, gluing it, routing it.. so often times it's cheaper or same price to just use the thicker material and go rimless.