Calling PRODIBIO users


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Would like to know who here uses their products. I just received the Biodigest, Bioptim, and Reef Booster packages.

They didn't come w/ any directions, which sucks.

Also, how the heck do you break those ampules?

Thanks :)
I got the directions for Robsreef where I bought them. They were easy to break with a towel or a little piece of tubing.

I just started using the same 3 you are on Tuesday of this week. I figure it will be a couple of weeks before I notice any changes...

i should be getting prodibio this week as well.. i will post some before and after pics...
Hey guys.

I'll snap some pics and post them up. I already used 1 ampule of each, and plan to use 1 every 2 weeks, once beginning of the month and once at the middle.

Do you guys hold the ampule from the ends and break from the middle or what? I'm having a tough time w/ breaking them. I hold one end and use the end of a knife to hit and break the other end.
Mine came with a little piece of rubber tubing that fits over one of the ends, I just put that on there up to the line on the vial and snap the end off. Then I point the open end at the cup of tank water and do the same thing on the other end, with both ends off the liquid just pours out. For the Reef Booster I use a towel to snap the small end off and pour.

I posted my before pics in the Iwan thread, but I'll probably post them in here too.