Came back from VACATION and my SHRIMP is so weird!


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I always consider my Coral Banded Shrimp as the underdog in my tank... I've been gone for a week on vacation-came back today and realized one of his big claws is completely missing... like the ENTIRE arm!

Anyways, he's still doing his thing, but is kinda aggressive toward the damsel in my tank when he gets near the shrimp's tank... the shrimp will come out and like stick his claw out at the damsel as if to say 'GET OUTTA HERE!!"

The damsel doesn't seem to really pick on the shrimp just glares at him then swims about...

But am curious... you guys think the damsel might have been the culprit?



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I offer only a guess. It is possible that the damsel did it but I don't think that the shrimp would "remember" it or hold a grudge. Small brains and all... I would be more inclined to think that without his primary and largest means of defense that he is a bit more vulnerable than before and is drawing lines in the sand. Again, just a guess from a still novice.



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not to worry, over time through molting, the claw will return and your shrimp will be back to normal

anything could have happened to it though, don't blame the damsel, maybe the claw fell off when the shrimp tried to molt, and it tore itself right off, who knows