Can ANY coral coexist with a Pakistan Butterflyfish?


Hi Again everyone!
I have a primarily /quasi FOWLR tank with a Pakistani Butterflyfish. I have tried purchasing small mushroom frags to see if I could get a small mushroom coral garden growing. I did this because there are already some green mushrooms growing on my live rock and the fish doesn't touch them. But I wanted a another different color so I got some small blue mushroom frags. He doesn't touch my cleaner shrimps, Emeralds and Hermits, snails or my sea urchins either. In fact, the shrimp make it a point to stop him as he swims by to groom him!
So I was disappointed (but NOT surprised) when he started nipping at the new frags. Is there ANY other coral I can try that Butterfly fish DON'T like?? I DON'T want to re-home him because he's otherwise a very good fish. But I WOULD like to dress up the live rock a bit with a few corals here and there. Did some research on line and got conflicting information on compatibility with Soft, LPS and Hard corals. I've read these fish are attracted to zoanthids of SOME colors but NOT others. But I've read the Pakistani Butterfly stays away from Bubble Corals.
Would appreciate suggestions on how I can dress up my tank a little bit around this fish.
Or if there's now way I can do this that's okay too. I DON'T want to dump boatloads of money into this "pilot experiment" if it's not going to succeed.
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