Can anyone help identify these?


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Hey everyone, I was hopeing someone could identify these two worm or algae type things and whether or not they are safe to have in there. They just started growning about a month ago but are growing slowly.




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If the things you are asking about in the first picture are the small red tubes, they are vermetid snails and are harmless to the tank (but unfortunately can cut you a bit when you poke a finger on one accidentally). The green algae is also a nice macro algae - harmless if not beneficial.


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Curtis, I have had those too. Some type of algae. I had them for about 6 mo. or so. They are gone now. How's your Calcium levels?


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Thanks you all.
Mary - I havn't checked the Ca levels since the 3rd of Aug, at that time it was 440mg/L. Its about the same now I would think without testing.