Can aptasia stay dormant?


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I have a 29 gallon reef tank I keep in our living room that, except for a yellow watchman goby I added 2 months ago (and I do not let water from another tank get in the tank) I have added absolutely nothing to in over a year.

Imagine my surprise when I was headed to bed and I saw a nice, big aptasia blooming from the stalk of a candy cane. Got up this morning just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and, sure enough:


I injected the stalk with lemon juice, and will move on to kalk paste if that didn't work, but I just wonder where it has been hiding all this time...

Can they stay dormant for long periods of time? Did I really miss an aptasia sitting on one of my corals for months?


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I've had the same experience and I have not added any coral or live rock in years. Thankfully it happened it a QT. And I don't know what I did but one morning the aiptasia had left the rock and attached to the thermometer...haha...sucker:)