Can coral hitchhike on live rock and come back from the dead?


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I recently placed some new live rock in my tank. Apparently it's some sort of premium live rock according to the LFS but I'm not sure what the difference between normal live rock or premium live rock is.

It just looked like a coral skeleton on a rock of possibly a favia coral and was just a bit bleached/corallined but suddenly over the last week it has started to show noticeable green specks on it. I'm thinking it almost resembles a favia coral.

Is this LPS coming back to life or some type of neon green coralline algae?


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It's coming back to life. I've seen this a few times in colonies that look dead but revive once parameters and lighting improves

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looks like an ole school war coral, favites. you are proving the answer to your own question to be "yes"


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What kind of rock was it? Premium ya tongs? I use to get in alot of rock that had different corals on it. So would be scrubbed off from the collection point., keep it growing:)