Can I defrost frozen food and keep it in fridge


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wondering if and for how long if I defrost frost food and place it in fridge, how long can I keep it in the fridge before it goes bad?

I would just like to feed throughout the day without having to wait for it to defrost or keep melting cubes all day.

How long can defrosted cubes last in the fridge?


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I do this. I feed half in the afternoon and the other after at night after the lights go off or the next morning. I would say 2-3 days max in the fridge, treat it like sea food.


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Treat it like milk. If it smells like fish food, go for it. If it stinks, throw it out. Fish food will never fail to let you know exactly when it ain't no good no more. That stuff smells BAD.


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Treat it like milk. If it smells like fish food, go for it. If it stinks, throw it out.

LOL if milk started to smell like fish food i wouldn't be sure you could say it went bad. maybe it came from a fishy cow :lmao:

i usually defrost 2-3 days worth of food in the fridge and it would be fine. sometimes it lasts me up to 5 days and its still ok


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I defrost a cube and feed twice a will last for a day or a day and half for three feeding..i do only have three fish...imo three days in the fridge would be the max for me


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Same. I defrost and keep it 2 days typically. I have extended to 3 days, but at that point I become quite dubious whether it is good or not. The smell test certainly works.

I use RODI water to thaw the food in. I add any supplements that I want. Vitamins, garlic, etc. That is it. I am not sure, but I'd suspect using tank water may result in the food going bad faster due to the bacteria in it. Just a guess. If I am doing a single portion, or if I know I'll use the food up within 1 day. I may use tank water if it is more convenient to get to than the RODI.


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I also use frozen food thawed in the fridge over the course of a couple of days.

It would be in your best interest to have a specific container just for thawed food. Family members would appreciate it if you use containers they don't eat from. Also be sure the container can either be capped or isn't easily knocked over in the fridge. Doing those two things goes a long way to keeping family/roommates happy IME.

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I would defrost mine put in rubbermaid container water from the tank an some garlic juice last for days .The smell will let you know just like every thing else in the frig