Can I get a clam yet?


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I want a clam really bad but I don't know if I'm ready or not. I've done some research on here and I think the best clam for my tank would be the Crocea due to its smaller size ( my tank is only 29 gallons). There is a real nice electric blue at the LFS in Des Moines and its only $40. I looks very healthy and I'm sure it is the same one that I saw there two months ago. My tank has been up and running since last September but I've had to tear it down to move twice, last time being a month ago and I also got rid of my CC and added a 4 inch DSB. I have about 28 lbs of live rock, air lift skimmer, 400w 20k Radium, 1200 maxijet, bicolor angel, lawnmower blenny, two perc clowns, strawberry dottyback, scooter blenny, sebae anemone, candy cane, anchor coral, shrooms, zoos, peppermint shrimp, serpent sea star, flame scallop and several snails. Crocea clams have to be put on the LR and not the sand right? The crocea that is at the LFS is on the sand for some reason. I have my 1200 maxijet going right over the top of my LR, wouldn't that be too much current? What would be the best placement? I've also read on here that you need to take the small clams out and feed them DT's Phytoplankton in a bowel or something like that. If the clam attatches itself to the LR, how do you take it out to feed? Or do you really need to do that? Would any of my inhabitants bother a clam? I just want to know as much as I can before I get one so I atleast have somewhat of an idea on how to take care of it. Oh, I am going through a little bit of a hair and red algea problem right now. Should I wait for that to be taken care of first? It started after my move last month and my LR is getting covered in hair algea and my DSB is getting covered in red algea. I got a lawnmower blenny the other day to help along with my snails. I've also cut back on feeding but it won't go away. Thanks

no opinions? Oh, I forgot to mention, I also have blue and red legged hermit crabs. I plan on getting this clam in two weeks if it sounds like I'm ready for one. THanks
Hi Aaron,

You didn't post your water parameters, but it sounds like you are going through a mini-cycle after the last move. I would at least wait until things stabilize again.

Six fish in a 29g - seems like a high bio load?
Ok, thanks. I tested nitrates and they were at 10ppm. Just did another water change and added some more hermit crabs. I'll wait untill the algea problem goes away. I wonder if my light has anything to do with it? It is an 8 month old radium. I'm picking up an XM bulb soon though. Thanks
Yeah, six fish is kinda high for a bioload. I had only 5 in there for about the past year but with this new algea problem, I put the lawnmower blenny in hoping that he would help out. I didn't want to use any chemicals or anything and my snails just cant keep up. The only fish that really swim the whole part of the tank is the bi color and the dottyback. The clowns stay in their anemone and the lawnmower and scooter blenny just stay on the LR. Everyone gets along fine so far and I'm going to put a 20 gallon refugium on soon and might put the scooter blenny in there.
Are you using RODI water? If not, it may be worthwhile testing for phosphate and silicate to see if that is the cause. If those readings show up high, then you should either do water changes with RODI and/or use a media like Phosban or Rowaphos to lower the levels.
I agree.... If you have algae, then your water quality is not ideal -- especially for something like a clam that is very sensitive to water quality.
Re: Can I get a clam yet?

Aaron1100us said:
I've also read on here that you need to take the small clams out and feed them DT's Phytoplankton in a bowel or something like that.

Yikes! :eek1: :p
I have a small Maxima for a few months now. I've been dosing DT's directly into the tank. So far so good.

I wanted to get more maxima clams but was told MH lights was a must and I only have PC.
ok, thanks for the replies. I'll wait to get the algae taken care of. I don't have an Ro/DI yet but hope to get one soon if I can save up enough $$. I do run the tap water through a PURE water filter, its got to be a little better than plain tap:) I haven't had this problem since before the move so hopfully it will go away soon. I don't have anywhere to put a phos filter so I might have to try some chemical algae remover if nothing else works.
Here's the deal: it's not so much the algae that's the problem..... It's the reason they algae is there that is the problem. (i.e. poor water quality)

Don't resort to some chemical "solution" to get rid of the algae. Find the source of the problem. Luckily for you, it appears as though you already have -- a RO/DI filter will most certainly help the situation.