can I keep these

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If all water parameters are within recommended limits can any of the below corals be kept in my 75 gallon with 4 T5 bulbs and keep their colors. I currently have a slimer, birdsnest and a couple of montipora.
hairy blue pultra,sky blue losetti, ultra hoke,royal blue hoke,purple pillow bottlebrush,atl miribilis.
Other than live aquaria,where can i find data on the care requirements of various SPS



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It is wise to find out where the corals you are interested in collecting come from in the wild, ie, what ocean, what depth, etc, etc. I like Veron's Corals of the World for coral descriptions and where they are collected from.

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ultra hoke,royal blue hoke,purple pillow really hard to keep. Try to research first then compile a list of corals. Then try to find those listed that are tank raised from frags. ORA is a good source, local reef clubs and frag swaps. Try to steer from WCC.