Can I put 2 condylactis anemones next to each other?


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I have two condys in separate tanks, i have one hosted to my large clanky. He's a big boy and has killed many rbta's because the cfl ones are hard to find and I'm tired of blowin hundreds on small anemones.

So the big question is .... Can I put the two condys on the same rock so the clown can host both, I know he will he's a crazy clown ;)

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Ps: long tentacles look just like condys , what a scam that is, lol

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You can put him there but no guarantee he will stay. Its very likely that one will move. You can have many anemones in the same tank without any issues.


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they can be together...and if you feed the condy it can get much bigger than your clown. BTW, the last 2 condys, I had for 6 years together in a 130g tank...not only did they get big (over 12" tentacles) but they also changed colors, more than once!
They hosted Tomato, Maroon, Clarki, and Fire clowns...never saw percs or occellaris host.
I have to check my home computer for pics.

Why do you think, the clown killed the RBTA?


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He killed a few anemones, he's about 4 to 5 inches and slams into the anemones. Latterly slams and goes crazy until he finally settles. The occellaris clowns are much more chill, he's just crazy. He ripped 2 foots before and we all know what happens after that. He also takes the food right out of the mouth, so I have to trick him with other food, he does the same to my acans and sun coral. Btw any tricks how to remove fish from a tank, I have 4 cardinals to remove.