Can I still use X-10`s with a DC8???


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I ordered a DC8 for My AC2 today ans was wondering if I can still use the X10`s along with the DC8?I had to get a DC8 because I have an Icecap ballast which is the only thing I cant control with it.I`m mainly worried about My chiller as I have it in another room and dont want to run an extension cord.


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I think you can control 12 outlets total. So if you are using a DC8 you should be able to control 4 x10's. I am not positive though. Check out there vendor forum on here for a better response (neptune).


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Yep! That was my understanding too. Total of 12. You can combine X-10 and DC-8 or DC-4's.


Bri Guy

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You can, but the problem with the X-10's is that once the controller sends a message for it to turn on, the outlet doesn't tell the controller that it got the message or that it turned on, so if the message wasn't recieved, the appliance won't turn on. So they can be unreliable, use them for un-important items like moonlighting, and use the DC-8 (more reliable) for heaters/chillers.

Ive never used them, this is just what ive read.

Good Luck!