can I store a Brightwell nitrate removal brick?


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My nitrates are way down now to .2 ppm. I'd like them at least 2 ppm. I used a nitrate brick over the past 2? years, it helped reduce them from 40 ppm all way down. Other things in the tank may have gotten the nitrates down as well, possibly just maturity of the tank.
*Can I take out the brick and store it? and use it again if/when my nitrates increase? I'm thinking to store it in just salt water (??). Or can it be dry or do I need to dump it?



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It is like a piece of live rock. Has bacteria on the outside surface and inside. Because it is very porous water will drain out of it. This can be good so stuff wont rot inside. If you were to keep it in salt water, some bacteria should be viable for quite a while. You can always re-seed the block before using. I would rinse it well before and after storing.