Can I superglue a mushroom to the glass?


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Will mushrooms spread on glass. It would be really neat to have my back wall covered with mushrooms? I was going to put some superglue on some unattached mushrooms and then stick it on the glass.

Will this work? Does anybody have any better ideas?


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Better, get some very thin coral branch, live rock, and encourage them to take hold on that. They'll spread out wide if happy and healthy.


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I really do not see any problem with the mushroom being glued to the glass but I do see a problem with the actual act of being glued. Super glue (which is what I would suggest using) hardens quickly in air and almost instantly under water. So if you put the drops of glue on the mushroom then put it underwater to attach to the glass it would have hardened before you got it to the back of the tank were you wanted it.

The only thing I can think of is if you lowered your water level down to were you were planning to put the mushroom then glued it to the back of your tank then brought your water level back up after it dried. It would problably take less then 30 seconds and I do not think the mushroom would have a problem with it either.

Keep all of us updated!


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If you use GEL super glue it will not dry instantly underwater or not. The only problem I have are the blue shrooms letting go of the rubble they attach to. Everything else is fine.

Another thing you might have and issue or the mushroom might now like is the flow it might be getting.

I think I am going to try this... :D


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i got a rock with some simple greenish brown shrooms but alot of them did not like the light and swam away! so i wonder where about 5 of them went..... maybe into the crevices in the rubble?
Oh well i hope they spread wherever the rebels went.....


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i have a rock with some really fast spreadig shrooms that grew up onto the glass, they where pretty cool on there, but then i moved the tank and had to scrape em off and move em. it does look cool that way