Can i use chemicals to remove paint off my tank?


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I have blue as my back wall and i want to remove it and paint it black. is there any chemicals i can use without harming the tank. its on the exterior. scraping isnt working that well.


Is the tank already setup or empty.Is the paint real thick makeing it hard to scrap.I had to scrap paint off a 120 and it took several hours to complete.


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paint remover. The one i use was to remove the paints on my motorcycle. IT really stings a lot if you get it in contact with your skin. i dont know about water base and other solutions (see google images).

why not just paint it over? or put wallpaper?


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this is a glass tank? I have never had an issue removing paint from my tanks - if anything, it's getting it to adhere that is the problem. I would stay away form any chemicals - a sharp razor blade and elbow grease are your best bets. I did my 72" 150 in about 20 minutes.