Can I use shore beach sand in my reef tank?

I'm not sure on whether you should put beach sand in your tank. However, beach sand blongs to the government. Taking sand from a beach is stealing. Eventhough it is a minor crime and no one ever get prosecuted for it, it is still illegal.
esp. the jersey shore. its def. not gonna have the same kindof chemical makeup and organisms in it that a tropical beach has.
It tempting because it is free, but it is kinda illegal i guess. I have thought about it before. But you wouldn't want it because the sand is polluted. And like the man said above it probably isn't like tropical sand.
jersey beaches are very well maintaned ( making up for the pollution from before )

everytime i go to wildwood you see dolphins everyday in the water no more than 30 yards away from the waves, it's awsome.

even if you were walking by a cop with a bag of sand i doubt he may make you empty it unless he's an a whole.

as if the beaches of the Jersey coast are low on sand
Beach sand is silica sand. Now the myth that silica sand puts silicates in the water has pretty much been debunked. However, beaches are kind of like collection cups for protein skimmers. If your going to use silica sand anyway, get playsand at HD or a landscaping shop. Its about $4 a bag and is rinsed and sometimes sterlyzed so kids don't get sick playing in it. My 2 cents.

Take a trip to HD. Something free can coast you big time in the long run. Pay the $4 and get the playsand.
Jersey sand would be great. Just remove the cigarette butts, condoms, suntan lotion, straws, candy wrappers, banana peels, grapefruit rinds, used toilet paper, and the baby diapers before you put it in your tank.