Can I?


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I currently have a 180 tank 24" high and wide. Housing a large assortment of soft corals, mushrooms, and zoos. Lighting is 800 watts of Mh and 200 watts of Pc. G-3 skimmer, with homemade sump. Water tests are all in the zero range PH id 8.3, salinity is 35-36. Anyway, I really would like to get a clam but, I would like to know if I can.


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I don't know. What you recommend for a first clam? I have just started to get interested in them...


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squamosa, derasa, gigas have lower lighting needs

maxima and crocea require more intense lighting

As far as lighting, I believe you should be fine with any of these.

I think proper selection is very important as far as determining success with clams more than the species itself.