Can metronidazole be used directly in a reef tank?


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I may have to treat my clownfish with this. Some sources have suggested adding this directly to the water, and then doing a partial water change and use a carbon filter.

Will this medication harm corals, live rock or shrimp/crabs?

Thanks, Eric


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I personally don't think ANY medication is reef safe. Those that are don't work anyway. Somone may chime in with a different answer, but I would setup a qt and treat it there.


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Not safe. It would do major damage to the bacterial and protozoal life in the sand and rock.


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i hate this stuff it killed 18 of my mbuna within 5 minutues of treatment when following the directions exactly


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Definately not safe for a reef tank, especially inverts.... I have used it in a FOWLR and it is very effective though.