Can red and green digidata touch?


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I have some existing green digidata coral in my tank and have just aquired a piece of red digidata. Would it be possible to mount the new red digidata next to or within the existing green digidata mat? There is space for sufficient future growth where I want to mount them. I think this may be fine considering they are both digidatas however I know for other species of coral like acans some may attack eachother while others are fine touching.

Do you guys think there would be any aggression issues between the two?


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my green and purple stylos touch, purple got killed. And the chemical warfare also killed a near by bonsai that was just starting to grow and color up for me...

I won't chance it, cut the touching branch, sell it or glue it elsewhere. Don't risk your colony.


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I happen to mount orange, green and purple digis together. Lost the purple before anything happen. The orange digi started encroaching on the green's base and the green seems to be receding where the orange is touching. So, IME, you can't.


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I did green and red. The red killed the green or took it over. Even appears like the green has now turned to red ??? I'll put it this way, where the green wasn't dead, it is now red.


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Red and German blue digi can touch but one wins. In my tank blue beats red. It'll kill it dead for about a 1cm radius where contact makes. It's not systemic or anything just where they touch, then the blue will encrust over the dead red digi skeleton.


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in my tank my red digi is the top of the food chain. It is killing back green and purple digi and 3 varieties of monti cap. It however ran into a pink/purple digi and stopped. Neither one of them has receded or grown where they touch. Stalemate I guess.

On a positive note digis grow like weeds so let em run into each other and if you have a distinct looser just frag and relocate.