Can someone suggest some new fish for my 220


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I have a 220G tank and currently it houses the following:

1 yellow tang
1 kole tang
1 sailfin tang
1 maculiceps tang
1 magnificent foxface
1 Christmas wrasse
1 algae blenny
1 matted filefish
1 ruby red dragonette
1 valentini puffer
2 bangaii cardinals
2 green chromis
2 percula clowns

I'd like to add a few colorful small fish. Maybe a pair of firefish or royal grammas or possibly some anthias.

I'd also like to see some larger fish in there as well, but I worry that I may be getting close to capacity on larger fish. Especially considering that some of the ones I have can get reasonably large. But for larger fish I'd like to consider a hippo tang, a trigger of some sort, or possibly a butterfly or moorish idol. I'm a bit concerned about the last two getting enough to eat though.

I have two auto feeders, which feed two different types of pellets several times a day, but most of the fish I have are pretty aggressive eaters and the pellets are gone seconds after they fall into the tank.

Any thoughts on whether I can manage another larger fish or two or suggestions on other fish I might want to consider?




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How about a trio of bimac anthias. Not nearly as touchy as the smaller species. Got five in my 265.