Can you run a sump with out a skimmer


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Is it possible to run a sump with out a skimmer? Would I need to get a HOB skimmer if I took the one out of my sum?


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I would not run a tank without a skimmer.
That said you don't have to have one in the sump--you can run on externally but you would have to get the sump drilled.

One of the reasons for a sump is to hang things on it rather then the tank itself for visual reason---with an hob skimmer you would be defeating the purpose of the sump
you could do a hob skimmer on the sump


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I ran a HOB skimmer on my tank(55)for almost a year and it was quiet and worked pretty good.But why not just purchase a better sump skimmer?


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I really don't know why it would be noisy--are you running the foam with it on the one line?

Is it the pump or the skimmer itself. sometimes the impellers can get gummed up and make a noise.

I would ask this question separately in the filtration forum--they will have an answer for you


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My Sedra pump is pretty quiet.
Is it waterfall noise,bubbling noise?
Maybe you just need some foam here and there.


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To answer the actual questions...

Yes, you can have a sump without a skimmer.

Yes, you should put a HOB one if you take the one in your sump out.

Sounds like there must something wrong with it though, it shouldn't make enough noise that you want to get rid of it.


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A lot of times skimmer noise comes from the air intake and is easy to fix with cotton or airline tubing attached to the intake to act as a muffler.