Candy Cane coral question


New member
I have had a Candy Cane coral in my tank for over a year now. It has done very well. It eats like a horse, and has been growing. Normally, under the lights during the day, the polyps are expanded to the point that they touch each other. So much so that they appear to be a solid mass. For the last few days, a good portion of the polyps are not expanded, and appear to be drawn in somewhat. Do I need to be concerned about this? The only thing that I know of that's going on in my tank is that my VHO bulbs are coming up on 9 months of use. Could this be the problem? I have an led fixture coming at the end of the week, could a change in lighting bring them back around? If anyone has had a lot of experience with these corals, I would appreciate some guidance here.