Candy cane splitting or in trouble


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I have candy cane with 2 heads. One startet to split about a month ago. Still not split but the flash is receding on that head..
Is this part of the process or it is in trouble??
The other head looks ok..
Another thing is healthy head is getting tentacles out at night, the one in question is not any more.

If it is in trouble, what I can try to do here?



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Looks fine. That is how they split and grow. The tenticles are feeders. You could feed it when they are out but it is not necessary.


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So, receding flash during head split is normal?
Both heads used to have about same amount of green flash on skeleton. The one on the right side still has same amount. The one on the left exposed about half of the inch of the skeleton and now almost at the very tip.
Hope this is normal and I'm not looking that head...