Candy looks bad


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I got a candy cane about three weeks ago and they were doing great fully extended tenticles out. when I first got it I had it in the sand there was a total of five heads I noticed that two of the heads that were next to each other were looking bad so I moved it to the top of the tank. All of the other heads are still doing great and the other two are doing bad still. I have noticed spider web looking structures on these in the mornings not sure if that is the prob becaus not effecting the other corals. But the two heads that are doing bad look like one half is deflated and the other is fully open and has tenticles out. I can see the skelton on the half that is deflated. can not think of what the prob is. my prameters are great. need help


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any chance of a pic and what are your water parameters, also try posting in the lps forum.