Cannister filter?


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I've used a small nano canister filter for gfo and purigen before. Just hooked it up to my sump and used the stuff in media bags instead of the creamic rings and carbon that came with it. Worked fine, but since i didn't have a filter sock on it needed cleaned onve or twice a week.


Yep...used a filsatar PX2
Worked just fine. You don't get any tumbling action, so it's really no different than using a filter sock. I used it because it was there and it was a source of water movement.


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They're fine if you don't use the sponges or mind cleaning them every 2-3 days religiously if you do, other wise they become a nitrate factory. Also, if the flow isn't high enough to fluidize the gfo you will go through it much quicker since it will clump. This subject comes up from time to time and the bottom line is, yes, it can work, but separate reactors for GFO and carbon will give you the best bang for your buck by optimizing the useful life of the media.


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I've mixed the gfo and gac together before placing it in a canister filter. Helps to keep the gfo from clumping. Though I'm pretty sure the gfo was exhausted before the gac was.