Canopy for 150 gallon tank

Fish doctor

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I need to build a canopy for my 150 gallon tank. The tank is 72x18. How wide should I make the access door from front to back. Also what type of wood should I make it out of. I plan to paint it black to match the base. Also if you have any suggestions on the height of the canopy as well as any ideas that may help me. I would appreciate it. Also feel free to post pictures of your canopy as well. As I'm sure to get some ideas from you. Thanks in advance.


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My tank is 48x18 and I just made the canopy out of those pine project panels from Lowes. I made it so the whole front and half of the top swing up and made it fairly tall (Almost 18") Used black gate latches to hold it open. Gives me plenty of room to work and I don't bang my head. I placed my ATO container inside on the back and part of the back top flips up for access to add water.