Just curius has anyone built a canopy around your light fixture. I have a outer orbit MH/T5 fixture and I was thinking of building a canopy that it fits intoinstead of hanging it from the ceiling.


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The key is managing heat dissipation and humidity. You can build a canopy, but propping it up on either side of the tank could work just as well.


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I have a canopy, took off the lid. Opened a 4 inch hold on each side of the canopy for fans one blowing in and one blowing out. Then I put 2 small aluminum square rods across the top so the light fixture sits right on top and I made it so the bottom of the light fixture sits flush with the top of the canopy.

I had 650 watts of halides on my 100 gallon display with the two 4 inch fans blowing and never ran a chiller. Not saying to do the same but it worked for me. Never got over 81


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there are alot of people on the DIY section of this forum that are building canopys. Try searching and you should be able to find something that will fit your application