Can't get into apex anymore..HELP!!


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Everything has been ok for the last month. This morning, I used aquanote to turn off return pump & ATO so I can do a waterchange. Then everything stopped working. When I log in, it prompts for username and password, but it kept on saying "access denied, wrong password". On aquanote, it says authentication failed? I checked from the display, still have the same pw. Reboot, still the same thing. Any ideas what to look for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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The Apex will not give a "access denied, wrong password" message. Are you sure that the IP address hasn't changed?


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I would check apex display module note down the ip address, port number and username and password. Go to your aqua notes and delete the existing setting and enter again.

If it shows connection failed, I would go to settings, then network and one up arrow and reboot. And try again.