Captured my Mantis, what kind is he?


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I was feeding the fish several days ago and just happened to see something move out of the rock to capture a piece of mysis. All I could see with the magnifying glass was a couple of beady eyes pop up just above the hole in the rock. I removed the rock and was able to capture the mantis. I can't seem to find a positive id so I don't know whether to keep him or not. I have an isolated refugium where he can stay............but I am undecided. He is between 1/2" and 3/4" long.

Any help and/or suggestions is appreciated.




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It would help if you knew where the rock came from. My first impression is (copy/paste for spelling purpose) Gonodactylus chiragra. Hope this helps.


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no, I don't think it's G. chiragra... I want to say G. affinis, but I am really not sure if i am just imagining the white band accross the telson.