Capturing Slugs


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I put around 15 slugs (Berghia Verrucicornis) into my 120 gallon reef tank. I've only seen them a few times since during the time when the lights are off. But I was wondering, is there any specific way that you could get the slugs out of the tank again?

I want to try and get them out and maybe Breed them. Just another branch to the hobby I suppose. Seems relatively easy. Only trouble im looking at now is trying to get them to come out of the rocks again. Any tips?


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Look for whorls of eggs on the glass. If you get lucky and find one on the glass, you can remove it with a razor and then culture the lavae. Often when people release adults into their reef tank they never see them again after a little while.


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Good luck!! I have some in a 2-1/2 gallon tank with two small pieces of rock, and I sometimes can't find them!

I even lifted the pieces out once and I really thought they were gone forever until later when they were cruising around...

I am waiting for a big one to pop out of there right now, to mate with a wild one from the keys I just got!!

Breeding them isn't as easy as it sounds..:)

Do you have any aptasias left in your big tank, and some setup in your breeding rig?They eat a LOT, and will starve in about 6 days with no food.


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Oh no worries about the amount of Aiptasia lol Theres plenty. Now I just need to catch those slippery buggers and we'll be good ha