Carbon and GFO Help


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I plan on running both on my new build, I'll be running them with 2 atb media reactors. Whats the best media to run? On my pervious build i used BRS, thru their dual reactor. I wanna try out other products.

If you guys could chime in and tell me what you've had success with or whats the best out there. Thanks


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I have used the SeaChem Matrix Carbon, which is fine, IME, but a bit pricey. Other people like the BRS products. I'd likely try some of the ROX 0.8, if I were in the market for carbon. For GFO products, PhosBan and Phosphate Killer are fine, IME.


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I've used RowaPhos and ChemiPure Elite. Both of them worked great.

I'm now using the BRS products due to their lower cost and bulk quantity. The GFO works pretty well but I have one complaint about ROX and it's that some of the media floats. This is not good if you use a reactor that doesn't compress the media, like the TLF reactor. It spits the floating media out and into your tank.


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I switched the bulk carbon I was using to the ROX and it is very strong...I also use the BRS gfo and had to reduce the amount as I was stripping too much and started having a chalice recede. Just start slow with the gfo...small amount. On my 120g reef I only fill the media chamber about 1/4th to 1/3rd full of GFO


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Thanks guys I was already thinking rowaphos for gfo. Still not sure on the carbon though. Anyone wanna else wanna recommend anything?