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Hey all, I want to buy some carbon and want to know what brand and type is getting the best results? I can run it any way needed other than a reactor. I was thinking a bag type or a sheet pad type or something.

Any ideas?


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I am running BRS Premium Rox 0.8 Aquarium Carbon in a Two Little Fishies reactor. It has done its job so far, and I replace it every two weeks. Reactors really are the best way to run something like carbon, but I think it would be ok in a bag somewhere in your sump that gets high flow.


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The loose carbon seems to be a lot cheaper over the long haul, and it gives you more flexibility, too. I would look into a reactor or a small filter of some sort for the carbon.

The BRS products do seem to get good reviews. SeaChem Matrix carbon seemed fine to me, too, although it's pricey. They have two products with the name "Matrix", so be careful if you decide to get SeaChem carbon.

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I am currently using the Seachem Matrix carbon and have been doing so for a couple of years now
the BRS version not being an option I have due to location