Carpet Anemone Question?


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Ok Andy's has a nice 1'+ carpet for sale, i was so tempted, neon green. Everything i read says hard to keep. Is that a lighting spectrum hard to keep or water quality? Yall know i have like 20 fish & mostly tangs so my nitrate level is thru the roof, looking for some good advise before i drop a bill on this thing & it croakes.

Hey Kurt, Do you know waht kind of carpet??
With your Nitrate being thru the roof I would suggest NOT purchacing it. Thats JMHO. I have a book here with a few diffrent capets in it. Beings the has zooanthellae within them they'll need bright lighting(MH's) but still need to be fed meaty foods like lance fish or silver sides each day. And they need moderate water flow but too much will make them retreat in . And almost all of them have a rather potent sting. From what I'm reading they all become rather large some up to 39 inch in diameter.
i have a blue carpet anemone that has been doing great for about 6 years now i guess. it was actually the very first thing i put in my tank, making it the first saltwater animal i ever kept. this thing has lived through 2 tank crashes and doesnt seem affected at all. i have kept it under pc lighting, and metal halide. i have gone through periods of not feeding it for months on end to feeding it every day. ive had times where my nitate tests kits were such a deep red that you could barely see through them, and ive had times where there were 0 nitrates. the only real difference ive seen is the size. it has varied from maybe 10 inches to a foot and a half. in my experience, if you feed it too often, it sometimes gets unhappy and moves to a new spot. you also usuallly ave to wiggle the food aroung a bit in order to get a feeding response from it. they have a pretty powerful sting and your reaction to it will get worse with time. the first dozen or so times i got stung, nothing. but recently, ive been stung and had welts for a couple of months. ive only had them eat sick fish, and a brittle star that wandered in the wrong direction, but healthy fish seem to stay away from it. they will want some sand to bury their foot in, and a rock to prop themselves up on so they are kind of lounging into the sand with a rock at their back. i thinkthey seem pretty hardy, and in fact, i was just reading a thread a bit ago where they were propagating these by just cutting them up, and they all healed right up without any probs.
Cool info. I didn't really know about the Nitrates but didn't think it would be good. But you have one and are having good success with it. I don't have a Blue carpet in this book. My other anemone book does but a freind has it at the moment. This book claims around a tea spoon of meaty food per 24 inch diameter dic. So I would assume half a tea spoon for yours would be about right. The book also claims they don't fair well in shallows sand beds, it claims at least around 6 to 8 inches of sand for them to do there best. I think you have a Gaint carpet anemone, as the book says they can be purple, pink, blue or green but its hard to know for sure because a Haddon's carpet is purple. I'd like to have one myself someday.
i usually just feed a silverside or two at a time when i do feed. i dont remember the exact species off hand, but i think s. haddoni seems right, ill have to look it back up, and yes, i would suggest nothing shallower than a 4 inch sanbed, 6 would probably be better. i dont think i would add it to a system that is high in nitrates, though if you have fluctuations once it is established, it should deal with them ok. mid level nitrates wouldnt be too terrible though, i dont think

here it is, though not the best pic

yeah it would, but the green ones look pretty good too. ive seen a few red ones, i think they look kind of ugly(not very red at all) and people pay $4-500 for them--go figure
the sand bed sounds good, but i think i would try to ge the nitrates down before actually adding it to the system. if you put it in quarantine and did several water changes to get the nitrates down while it is in qt, i think it would adjust to the water quality as the nitrates raised back up. i dont think id add it until the nitrates were at 50 or less. just my opinion though, i cant really give you a definitive answer on that, id hate to have something die on you because i gave you bad advice.
The carpets at Andy's are haddoni. I was there yesterday, and he has 2 in the large tank. . .one small bright green and a large "light" green.

I got my blue and green specimens from him over a year ago. They're doing great. . .never had a problem even when my SPS decided to crash on me.

My nitrates are 0, so I can't comment there but logic would say that they should be lower than your readings if you want to be successful.

Maybe you can have Andy's check their nitrates. . .I doubt his are all that low. That might give you some idea about whether your system is "compatible".