carpet anenome


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does any one have one of these they are looking to get rid of(preferably blue or green)? i just got a black saddleback and i think he needs an anenome.
Carpet anemones are very hard to keep alive. They also get huge (if they survive) and will fill a 75. I'd suggest starting with an easier choice such as a BTA. Is the tank very well established? The common recommendation is a full year.
my tank is established and has housed an atlantic carpet in the past, i just want an anemone that is naturally found with my clown. althought i really like the RBTA. CHARLIE do you have an extra RBTA.
Not at this time, i have 2 in my 46 now that are the size if a lg dinner plate hoping that they split soon! I have been feeding them 3 times a week to help out.